A Solution Advice – De Broe

A Sound Investigation on Pollution Offences – Jean Claude de Baere

Air emissions Kyoto-protocol and NEC-directive – Raf Bouckaert

APEC – Antwerp-Flanders Port Training Center N.P.O. – Paul Verkoyen

APEC – Chemical Cargo Handling Hazards – BASF

Bonn Agreement Aerial Surveillance Handbook – OTSOPA

Dangerous & Harmful Cargo Handling Rules and Regulations – Kurt Van Passen

DVOPAK Specialised Warehouses -Cleymans

Ecological Infrastructure – An ecological network in the Port of Antwerp – Jaegher Ecological

Management in the Port of Antwerp – Toon Tessier Environmental

Engineering in Ports Role of the Port Authority -Paul de Rache

Environmental request for port project – Gillon Patrick

ESPO Environmental Code of Practice – Roel Hoenders Fasiver

Beneficial use of dredged material – Johan Maes

Federal and Flemish environmental legislation – Marc Meeus

Full-service Port Reception Facility for Antwerp Treatment of fluid industrial waste – MarpobelN.V

Handling of emergency cases – Jan Geenen

Indaver in a nutshell – SteveSchrawen

International Seminar on “Port Environmental Protection Technology” – Marc Meeus

Manual Oil Pollution at Sea – Part 2 (French) – fepo

Milieuvergunningsaanvraag Magazijnen Blauwhoef I en II

Moerstraat 9-11 – 2040 Antwerpen VOPAK

Logistic Services Belgium NV – Gillon Patrick

Nature compensations and biological monitoring – Ralf Gyselings

Oil Spill Fighting & Cleaning in the Port of Antwerp -Bruno Dockx

Port Environmental Protection Technology – Veolia

ES Treatment NV PSGS Safety – Cornielle

Regulations on discharge of ship’s waste in Flemish seaports -PeterVan den Dries

SGS Sample Management Belgium -Benjamin Appermont Stefaan Ides

The environment and thePort of Antwerp – A.Heylen

The natural environment of harbours – Stefan Van Damme e Patrick Meire

The Port of Antwerp – Burvenich

Transport of dangerous goods on board of ships -Phillip Holthof Water Contamination and Pollution – S.Herman